Royal Challengers Bengaluru 2024

Royal Challengers Bengaluru: RCB Franchise hinting name change ahead of IPL 2024

Royal Challengers Bengaluru IPL 2024: Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) is known for its loyal fan base, who are attached to the franchise for various reasons including its name. However, RCB made a cryptic post on X (earlier Twitter) on Friday and said they are considering renaming the franchise.

Royal Challengers Bangalore to Bengaluru

RCB shared a video by their official X-Handle feature actor Rishabh Shetty, who can be seen rocking the name Bangalore. “Do you understand what Rishabh Shetty is trying to say? You can find out at RCB Unbox. Buy your tickets now,” the owner’s post said.

The video sparked buzz on social media with RCB fans trying to make sense of the video. Most of the guesses pointed out that the franchise might be considering changing “Bangalore” with “Bengaluru” to keep it aligned with the name of the city.

The Royal Challengers Bangalore could be in for a change in its franchise name ahead of IPL 2024


Since the inception of IPL in 2008, the name of the RCB has remained Royal Challengers Bangalore, despite a change in the name of the city to Bengaluru in 2014.

Follow Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore, 1st Match, Fri, Mar 22, Indian Premier League 2024. Royal Challengers Bangalore (often abbreviated as RCB) are a professional franchise cricket team based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Get all the updates and details about every player in the Royal Challengers Bangalore team.

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