Rain Relief in Bengaluru Bangalore

Rain Relief in Bengaluru: Thunderstorms and Rain Showers Hit the City After Prolonged Dry Spell

After enduring an unusually long dry spell in April and sweltering heatwave-like conditions, Bengaluru finally saw a welcome break with thunderstorms and rain showers on Thursday, May 2. The rains followed a historic dry spell in the Karnataka capital, which hadn’t experienced such parched weather in over 40 years.

Temperatures in the city had soared 4-5 degrees above normal, with some areas reaching highs of 41.8°C. Even nighttime temperatures hovered around 26°C, making it difficult for residents to find relief from the heat.

However, after a day of intense heat, with temperatures reaching 38.2°C, the skies opened up around 6 PM with thunderstorms and drizzling. The light rain quickly turned into a more torrential downpour, bringing much-needed relief to the city.

Areas including Indiranagar, Marathahalli, Vijayanagar, CV Raman Nagar, and several others received rain, providing a refreshing break from the oppressive heat. It remains to be seen if this spell of wet weather will continue and help bring down Bengaluru’s scorching temperatures.

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