BESCOM’s Scheduled Power Outages Maintenance Works in Bengaluru on May 18, 2024

Bengaluru July 15, 2024: A scheduled power outage is planned for Bangalore Whitefield Area on May 18,2024, from 09:00 to 17:00, with a total duration of 08:00 hours.. Tentative Line Clear/Outages Request for the month of May-2024 of Bengaluru Transmission Zone pertaining to BMAZ NORTH/SOUTH/BRAZ/CTAZ ZONE, BESCOM (Yet to be approved from BESCOM)  
Power Outage Attributes Details
Areas Affected Whitefield Area
Name of the KPTCL Circle BMAZ South
Name of the KPTCL Division TL and SS Div Hoody
Name of the BESCOM Zone BMAZ SOUTH
Name of the BESCOM Circle East
Name of the BESCOM Division Whitefield
Name of the station/Line 31.5MVA power transformer -1 of 66/11KV Kadugodi station
Date 5/18/2024
Time from 9:00
Time To 17:00
Duration 8:00
Reason for availing LC For carrying 3rd quarterly maintenance work and OLTC Overhauling work
Date on which last LC was availed 09.09.2023
Load Affected (MW) 10MW
Weather alternate Power Supply Arranged 10MW load will be affected. Bus coupler changeover is available for Bank-1, and Bank-1A feeders. And also change over can be arraged by BESCOM
Remarks Informed to BESCOM for load change over. MOM Enclosed.
Customer Support A 24X7 BESCOM Helpline is functioning in the premises of Corporate Office, Bengaluru. The Helpline Number is 1912
Source: BESCOM
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